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Arbitration, Mediation, and Litigation of Contractor Disputes

Established Gilroy Lawyer Advises on Arbitration, Mediation & Litigation for Construction Disputes

Skilled California attorney offers commercial property owners options for filing complaints

Construction disputes can occur at any stage of a project when a contractor fails to fulfill the terms of the contract. To ensure these conflicts are resolved in the appropriate forum, whether that’s arbitration, mediation or litigation, it’s important to seek help from an attorney who understands the construction industry and the laws that govern it in California. At the Goldblatt Law Firm, in Gilroy, I draw on more than 35 years of experience providing commercial property owners throughout Santa Clara County with sound counsel for construction disputes. If your contractor is guilty of poor workmanship, abandoning a project, not paying subcontractors or suppliers, or building code violations, I can help protect your rights and interests by advising on the most suitable dispute resolution method for your unique situation.

Settling complaints through CSLB-led mediation or arbitration

For many construction disputes, including those complaints involving mechanic’s liens and work stoppages, the first step is to file a complaint with the California Contractors State License Board (CSLB), the agency that licenses and regulates contractors in the state. The CSLB provides help via these dispute resolution methods:

  • Mediation — When parties cannot resolve a dispute themselves, the next step is to try CSLB-led mediation. Once you file a complaint, a CSLB consumer services representative will contact you and the contractor to serve as a neutral party and mediate the dispute. If the mediation does not resolve the dispute, the complaint may be referred to arbitration or litigation.
  • Arbitration — The CLSB has two arbitration programs for construction disputes. The mandatory arbitration option is for disputes claiming less than $12,500 worth of damages. The voluntary arbitration program is for disputes between $12,500 and $50,000. The CSLB usually requires both parties to attend arbitration and will pay for the hearing, the arbitrator, and the services of a CSLB-appointed expert witness. Each party may hire their own attorneys and experts, so it is always wise to be represented by legal counsel because both parties are responsible for preparing their own cases and presenting them at the arbitration hearing. Once a decision has been made during arbitration, options to correct or alter the arbitration award are very limited.

If mediation and arbitration are not viable options, you may need to resolve your construction dispute through litigation, which can be brought in small claims court (if the claim is worth $10,000 or less) or another California civil court. A civil suit should not be filed in a court for the same issues that have been decided through arbitration, however. I have represented California businesses in litigation involving commercial construction disputes for more than three decades and can help you pursue the resolution your complaint requires.

Contact an experienced commercial construction law attorney for help with dispute resolution

At the Goldblatt Law Firm, I represent Northern California commercial property owners in construction disputes and advise clients on their options for arbitration, mediation and litigation. Please call 408-763-4715 or contact me online to schedule a free consultation at my Gilroy office. Habla español.

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