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Drug Crimes

Northern California Attorney Defends Clients Against Drug Allegations

Gilroy lawyer advocates in cases involving possession and sale charges

Changing laws and social conventions have led to confusion about California drug laws. Though the legalization of marijuana possession is at hand, harsh sentences still exist for charges involving controlled substances. Even pot possession can lead to a jail sentence if the amount you’re holding exceeds 28.5 grams. At Goldblatt Law Firm in Gilroy, I have protected the rights of California clients for nearly 40 years and can help you oppose any type of drug-crime charge. Whether your case relates to possession, sale, trafficking or the misuse of prescription medication, my firm will assert your rights effectively.

Santa Clara County firm assists with all types of drug crime matters

As an experienced criminal defense attorney, I will outline a comprehensive strategy to help you confront allegations of:

  • Possession — Traditionally, penalties for the possession of a controlled substance have depended on the drug and amount involved. Drugs are classified in different “schedules,” with Schedule I being the most serious category. Under Proposition 47, many crimes arising from the personal use of controlled substances have been reduced to misdemeanors, but extenuating circumstances can increase the penalties. I will take a close look at your case and explain the relevant provisions.
  • Sale and trafficking — In state and federal cases, a conviction for the sale or trafficking of drugs can lead to a long prison term, perhaps even a life sentence. These important matters demand an experienced attorney who can tackle complex cases.
  • Conspiracy to sell drugs — An innocent conversation can be twisted into something illegal by an overzealous prosecutor. Whether a prosecutor is charging you to seek information on someone else or believes you are involved in an illicit transaction, I can outline your legal options.
  • Prescription drug fraud — Even giving a prescription medication to help a sick friend can lead to serious criminal penalties. My firm vigorously represents clients in cases involving the alleged misuse of pharmaceuticals.
  • Vehicle-related charges — If you have been accused of driving under the influence of drugs, I will mount a thorough defense to determine if improper tactics were used by law enforcement.

My firm offers a free initial consultation for clients throughout Northern California, including Santa Clara, Monterey, San Benito and Santa Cruz counties.

Knowledgeable adviser pursues reduced sentences and treatment for clients

In many instances, legal authorities have finally come to the conclusion that alternatives to incarceration work best to prevent future drug crimes. When possible, I work with prosecutors and courts to reach a conclusion that gives clients the best chance to treat any substance problem they have in a supportive setting. By taking an individualized approach to each matter, my firm develops compelling arguments for reduced sentences.

Contact a diligent California drug crime defense lawyer for a free initial consultation

Goldblatt Law Firm defends California residents who are accused of drug offenses and other types of criminal misconduct. Please call 408-763-4715 or contact me online to schedule a free initial consultation at my Gilroy office.

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