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Gilroy DUI Defense Lawyer Challenges Questionable Evidence

Experienced California advocate represents accused drivers

One conviction for driving under the influence of alcohol or drugs can lead to jail time and other negative consequences. Though the authorities might try to pressure you into pleading guilty, there are defenses available even if you have tested over the legal intoxication limit. At Goldblatt Law Firm in Gilroy, I am an accomplished criminal defense attorney with nearly four decades of experience protecting the rights of Northern Californians. My firm aggressively investigates DUI cases to challenge the allegations made by police and prosecutors. No matter what the particular circumstances are in your case, I will make every effort to achieve a successful outcome.

Effective attorney represents motorists charged with drunk driving

As an experienced criminal defense attorney, I have a long track record of winning successful results in cases involving alleged DUI and drug crimes. Don’t be bullied or misled into surrendering your rights without informed guidance on issues such as:

  • Stops and arrests — Regardless of your blood alcohol level, evidence that is collected through an improper stop or arrest can be excluded at trial. My firm investigates police conduct to determine if reasonable suspicion or probable cause existed.
  • Testing issues — In California, the legal blood alcohol content level is .08 percent for drivers over the age of 21. However, breathalyzer tests and other methods used to determine intoxication can be tainted in many ways. Sloppy test procedures, poor handling of results and even a recent meal can prejudice your case. I don’t take police at their word and challenge questionable results.
  • Sentence reduction — I work closely with each client to gain a complete perspective on the incident and my client’s background. Often, a DUI arrest is a one-time incident, and that means I can help clients negotiate reduced sentences, especially in cases where no accident resulted.

For people in the Silicon Valley and throughout Northern California, my firm offers a free initial consultation so that you can get the immediate legal counsel you need to safeguard your rights.

Dedicated litigator seeks civil relief for victims of DUI-related crashes

If you have been hurt in an auto accident caused by a drunk driver, my firm can help you obtain appropriate compensation for your medical costs, lost wages and other damages. I am a skilled negotiator who can effectively communicate with insurance companies and adversarial attorneys to demonstrate the true extent of the harm you’ve suffered. Accepting the first offer might prevent you from collecting a full financial recovery. I can help you see what your case is worth and work diligently to secure that amount in a settlement or at trial.

Contact a skillful Northern California DUI defense lawyer for a free initial consultation

Goldblatt Law Firm represents clients in DUI matters and criminal defense cases throughout Santa Clara, Monterey, San Benito and Santa Cruz counties. Please call 408-763-4715 or contact me online to schedule a free initial consultation at my Gilroy office.

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