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Gilroy Attorney Defends Lawyers in California State Bar Court

Northern California attorney represents clients in malpractice investigations

California is the only state in the country with judges dedicated to ruling on attorney misconduct and malpractice cases. When the California State Bar has probable cause to believe that an attorney may be guilty of misconduct, the bar’s prosecutors with the Office of Chief Trial Counsel file charges with the State Bar Court, an independent body. When you are the subject of a case referred to the California State Bar Court, it is essential you’re represented by an attorney who has defended clients before this court. At my practice, the Goldblatt Law Firm, I draw on more than 35 years of experience protecting the rights and reputations of legal professionals who face disciplinary actions.

When charges include professional misconduct or serious crimes, the State Bar Court will recommend that the California Supreme Court suspend or disbar the attorney. For less serious offenses, the State Bar Court might suggest a course of action including public or private reprovals, temporary suspension or similar disciplinary action. Lawyers may have State Bar Court decisions reviewed in the California Supreme Court.

How the State Bar Court functions

The State Bar Court of California conducts hearings and makes recommendations for disciplinary complaints against attorneys. The court is made up of full-time judges who are appointed by the California Supreme Court, legislature and governor. The court has two departments:

  • Hearing Department — This trial-level court includes five full-time judges divided between Los Angeles and San Francisco. The California Supreme Court appoints two judges to this department while the governor, assembly speaker and the Senate Committee on Rules each appoint one judge. These judges hear cases that deal with California attorneys who are accused of acting unprofessionally. They also hear cases involving regulatory issues, reinstatement petitions, arbitration proceedings and other issues that are filed in the State Bar Court.
  • Review Department — This appellate court has a presiding judge and two review judges appointed by the state Supreme Court. These judges hear cases where one or both of the parties want a review of a hearing judge’s decision. This court can exercise powers that include temporary suspension. Its judges can also conduct reviews on issues that materially affect outcomes for Hearing Department cases.

My firm defends lawyers against censure, suspension, loss of license, and other charges that can damage your reputation. I can also provide you with advice on legal ethics and write opinion letters. If you are also being sued for legal malpractice in a civil court, I can support your defense there as well.

Contact a Northern California attorney for help if you are the subject of a complaint in California State Bar Court

At the Goldblatt Law Firm, I have represented many attorneys in legal malpractice cases and can provide you with a vigorous defense in civil court, State Bar Court, or the California Supreme Court. Please call 408-763-4715 or contact me online to schedule a free consultation at my Gilroy office. Habla español.

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